Articles Needed

Articles Needed

- by Dick Eastman

The Encyclopedia of Genealogy is a bit "skeletal" at this time. It only has about 200 articles right now. [12/24/04 update: 351 articles] [1/8/05 update: 382 articles] [10/30/05 update: 796 articles] I can envision that growing to 5,000 or more, if you and your friends can contribute your expertise.

Future articles that are needed include:
  • Information about your local genealogy society
  • Immigration records explained
  • The details of each decade's census records explained.
  • Individual articles on how to research Italian, German, Polish, French-Canadian, Jewish, Black, Indian and other ancestors
  • Many, many more…

To see examples of some of the articles that have already been written, click on the links below:

The above articles are excellent examples of the sorts of information to be found within the Encyclopedia of Genealogy.

More information may be found in the Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs) pages.