Census U. K. 1871

1871 Sunday 2 April
(PRO Class Reference RG10)

The householder was to complete their individual household schedules recording who was in their household during the period Sunday night to Monday morning. On the morning after census night, the census enumerators collected the household schedules.

What is on the 1871 Census record?

Column 1 No. of schedule, numbered from 1 consecutively per book
Column 2 Name of street, place or road, and name or number of house
Column 3 Houses; separate columns for inhabited and uninhabited or being built
Column 4 Name and surname
Column 5 Relationship to head of family
Column 6 Condition; marital status
Column 7 Age; separate columns for males and females
Column 8 Rank, profession or occupation
Column 9 Where born; county/place
Column 10 Whether 1 - Deaf & dumb, 2 - Blind, 3 - Imbecile or idiot, 4 - Lunatic