Tanguay, Cyprien

Genealogist, born at Quebec, 1819; died 1902.

After a course of classics and theology at Quebec Seminary, Cyprien Tanguay was ordained in 1843. The first twenty-two years of his priesthood were devoted to parochial work, especially at Rimouski, where he greatly contributed to the foundation of the future diocesan seminary.

His early taste for genealogical studies fully manifested itself after his official appointment to the Dominion Statistics Department (1867). His whole time was henceforth spent in consulting and compiling parochial and historical records throughout Quebec, the Maritime Provinces, Ontario, and the old French settlements in the United States. He also twice visited France for the same purpose.

As the result of his labours he published (1871-90) his Dictionnaire Généalogique des Familles Canadiennes Françaises depuis les Origines de la Colonie jusqu'à nos Jours which has become one of the great standard references of French-Canadian genealogy. It comprises seven large double column volumes for a total of more than 4,400 pages.

In recognition of his labors, Cyprien Tanguay received a prelature from Leo XIII (1887). He also published Répertoire du Clergé Canadien-Français (1868) and A Travers les Registres (1886).