Everton Genealogical Library

The Everton Genealogical Library contains 60,000+ books, manuscripts, records, pedigree charts, newletters, photographs and family histories, many of which are unique to the library. It is one of the largest privately held genealogical libraries in the United States, and was started by the Everton family in 1945 as they reviewed genealogical books and family histories for their landmark genealogical magazine The Everton Genealogical Helper. The Everton family were pioneers in genealogical research with their genealogical forms, the magazine and the HandyBook for Genealogists. They loved genealogy and genealogists and built a fine reputation among the genealogical community. After nearly 50 years of service to the industry the Everton family sold the company and the library.

See http://www.everton.com/b/library.html