A type of adminstrative action usually associated with probate, but is not always. Used generally with the minors under 21 years. Under age of 14, the person petitioning can be anyone involved in the care of the minor, but never the minor himself/herself. The person usually does the petitioning is often the mother or father as well asn the uncle. Age 14 and over, the minor can petition the court for somebody to handle his/her properties which is not limited to real estate. In all cases, the record will show place of residence of the minor, name of person petitioning, which can show relationship, more frequently, the age of the minor at the next birthday. The birth date is often listed in later years. Occasionally the minors are found living in another county and/or state. The petitions usually are used for probates but can be used for "poor" cases. Relationships will be given in cases of deceased father, mother, uncle, aunt or even grandparents. Values of estates are never listed in petitions.