Order of the First Families of Maine

Order of the First Families of Maine (OFFME) is a lineage group that was founded in 2003 for descendants of an ancestor who was a resident of, owned land in, or was the chief proprietor of a business between 1604 and 1652 within the boundaries of present day Maine.

The purpose of OFFME is:

  • To honor those hardy and enterprising early ancestors who concentrated their efforts, labor and skills in building the enduring greatness of the State of Maine.
  • To recognize and record those individuals who established residency, owned land or businesses within the boundaries of present day Maine between 1604-1652.
  • To educate, preserve and increase the knowledge of the history of Maine by the preservation of documents and the recording of family histories, lineages and traditions.
  • To be involved in charitable and educational efforts and to support patriotic, genealogical, literary, historical and social activities that further the purposes and objectives of this Order within our country.

The Order meets once each year in Washington DC in April during Lineage Week.

For more information, including a list of eligible ancestors, see www.homestead.com/offme