Periodical Source Index (PERSI)

The Periodical Source Index (PERSI), is a subject index to genealogical and historical periodical articles. Created by the staff of the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana, PERSI is a vital source for genealogical researchers.

PERSI covers genealogy and local history periodicals written in English and French (Canada) since 1800, with the time period of the articles ranging from the 1700s to the present. More than 1.8 million index entries from nearly ten thousand titles are represented in this work, making PERSI the largest subject index to genealogical and historical periodical articles in the world.

PERSI is not a full-text index. In the case of persons, an individual who is merely mentioned in an article but is not a subject of the article will not be included in the index. Similarly, a locality is included in the index only where the geographic categorization is an important element of the subject, such as a cemetery transcription or census extract.