Virginia, War of 1812 Veterans Buried in Virginia

By Myron E. Lyman and Craig M. Kilby (Heritage Books, 2012). This book contains information on over 4,000 War of 1812 Veterans known to be buried in Virginia. This includes a surprising number of people who were not born in Virginia, especially New England, England, Scotland and Ireland. A typical entry will include the veteran's name, rank, unit, commanding officer, date and place of birth and death, where buried, spouse, date of marriage and biographical data on the veteran. The names of parents of both the veteran and the spouse are given, if known. There are separate appendices for names of veterans by county/independent city, places of burial by county/independent city, bibliography of sources used for source of service, source of burial and other sources used for additional information. It is also indexed for all names other than the veteran or officers (over additional 6,200 people.) Soft cover, 480 pages. The book may be purchased directly from the Mary Ball Washington Museum & Library in Lancaster, Virginia (email, phone 804-462-7280) or through the publisher.