Hispanic Genealogical Society of New York

The Hispanic Genealogical Society of New York (HGSNY) is a non-profit, public service and educational organization, with headquarters in New York City, that organizes meetings, plans projects, provides instructional forums and hosts seminars. These are run by volunteers who are members of the society. We have meetings four times a year, usually at Hunter College. Topics include many how-to issues for beginners, as well as more advanced and specific ways to improve our knowledge on genealogical research.  We frequently have invited speakers who are historians, genealogists and have interesting stories.

The society has an extensive collection of reference publications and research materials on Hispanic Genealogy and Genealogy in general, and plans to establish a library and research center in the borough of Manhattan.

HGSNY publishes a quarterly newsletter, Nuestra Herencia, with articles contributed by its members and guests on diverse aspects of genealogical reasarch and history. These are very useful in learning how to conduct research and identifying the venues that will be most fruitful to find the information one needs. Nuestra Herencia has won several awards from the National Genealogical Society.